Artistic credo – Haute Pâte

What is Haute Pâte (Matter Painting) for Bartos Saro?

The art term Haute Pâte (Matter Painting) generally refers to a painting technique in which the artist uses thick layers of impasto paint mixed with other materials. Components of such paint can be sand, chips, cement and others. The realistic aspect of artwork became schematic, transforming into abstract symbols placed in specific parts of the composition. Artist efficiently and creatively uses rhythm, accents and contrasts. In this style paintings, he focuses on paint as a physical matter and the material properties of this medium. 

Bartos Saro haute pate

Bartos Saro investigates how the physical structure of an image, or unique, rhythmic forms, can give emotional meaning to abstractions. He studies the formal problems of painting using Haute Pâte (Matter Painting) as means. Artist mostly often refers to gesture painting. The intention of the Haute Pâte (Matter Painting) artists is to highlight the nature of the material and its structure.

Three-dimensional paintings

The artist in Haute Pâte (Matter Painting) creates sensually colored sculptural three-dimensional paintings with large accumulations of paint. In the process of „building a picture”. He combines the gesture of applying paint with its unique material. The effects are images of strong physicality with a sculptural, three-dimensional presence. Thick layers of paint are clear, with a strong structure. The basis of the painting matter is sifted sand. Experiments with mixing acrylic paints, obtaining an intense color or a matte finish are common. Painter usually draws inspiration from nature views and intensive study of nature.

Painting technique of Haute Pâte (Matter Painting)

Haute Pâte (Matter Painting) is a technique that uses a thick impasto paint to which materials such as sanded glass, mud, sand, feathers, cement and shells are added. The accessories can by any kind and they influence the style and character of the work. Bartos Saro uses acrylic paint mixed with a binder and sifted sand. The layers of texture and paste used in the painting are very fancy. Heavy artworks, done with thick paste, are prone to cracking. Whole surfaces of paintings are unique, creating rhythmic patterns. 

Bartos Saro haute pate

Expressive and expansive creativity.

In Haute Pâte (Matter Painting), rhythms of colorful gestures appear embedded in the structure of the work on a dense surface. Each stain that has been spilled, drawn or drawn across the canvas is a unique sign. The applied paint is a record of physical activity. The expressive and expansive matter is unique in form. All elements of the painting poured onto the base create accents, rhythms and pauses. The paintings often refer to music, to the sounds of nature. They become melodic, multi-sensual.

This is a unique feature of Haute Pâte (Matter Painting). Artworks are characterized by two main formal approaches: first, the application of a substrate made of sieved sand. Second, adding color layers, poured or applied to the substrate with unique tools. The combination of formal aspects of the Haute Pâte (Matter Painting) technique and a reference to nature is the timeless value of artworks made in this style.