Bartos Saro – MIRAGES – Abstract Landscapes

Frequent travels inspired me with painting abstract landscapes – full of vivid colors and various textures. As a result, a series of MIRAGES paintings was created. MIRAGES abstract series of landscapes was inspired by various places. White images refer to winter landscapes, yellow to desert landscapes, blue to night viewing of the world, and brown and orange to autumn. It is also a record of moods. When I start painting a picture, I remember associations with this place. A visit to Spain in winter is warm and calm. Scotland is the intensity of the feeling of the changing cold sky and the flashes of the sun. A walk through the Kampinos Forest is peace and quiet. I believe that a lot can be said through the abstract landscape. Lots of a very private world to discover.

Inspirations for painting abstract landscapes

The nature of the abstract landscape does not differ from the representational painting. I try to recreate it with layers of thick paint. I gave up brushes, preferring to pour liquid paint directly onto the canvas – this is how a unique and expressive abstract landscape is created. The applied textural effects strengthen the artistic message. The sand used in the paintings mixed with a binder emphasizes the relationship between the painting and nature, with the landscape. Thanks to this, the landscape, although painted abstractly, is alive and allows for spontaneous associations.

Extracting unexpected structures, discovering surprises is another element of fun with the viewer. The abstract landscape allows this perfectly, as it gives viewers the opportunity to interpret, and have their own unlimited imagination and read an individual story. An abstract landscape is not only about forms, colors and cardboard. It is also symbolism, emotions and moods.

Optical effects in paintings

I consciously give this series of abstract landscapes a dreamlike character. It is a series of works suspended in the imagination, in irrationality contrary to experience. Allowing to relate to unreal reality. That is why I also use perception manipulation solutions and techniques: reflections, reflections, shadows, flashes – all this is to make the image unreal. Fluorescent paints will glow in the dark. Metallic elements will reflect even the smallest ray of light. The picture will live, it will change.