Studied arts and design. He practices matter painting and abstractdrawing. As a member of IAXAI Group he has exhibited his artworks at individual and collective exhibitions in Poland, Sweden, France, Spain and Belgium. He participated in art fairs and salons in Toulouse, France, Warsaw, Poland, Luxembourg, Brussel, Belgium and Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.

Bartos Saro’s life is very orderly, organized, but not in a limited way. Like his paintings. A designer and art historian by education, he started with modern design. The fascination with structures and materials in design finally won, and his passion led him to paint matter. He used to run a design studio in the capital, but eventually moved to a quieter place by the sea where he can paint and nurture his Japanese maples.

Bartos Saro haute pate abstractionist

He became an abstractionist. In his work, he focuses on the structure of materials, preferring to work in a mixed technique. Expressively presenting weight and movement, Bartos loves to create tension and drama because he believes there is spirit in matter – shapes and forms can reflect basic emotional experiences. According to him, only abstractionists can convey the full spectrum of emotions.

Bartos' abstractionist sense of matter is full of concern for texture. He paints with thick coats of raw paint. In this way, he obtains unique textures, the unique beauty of which is enriched by drawing. Intensive colors emphasize an abstract approach to the subject – the range of colors is unique, full of expression and emotions.

The artist, as a fully aware abstractionist, reduced his alphabet of symbols to a few forms capable of conveying various tensions and emotions. His works are by definition basic, rarely sophisticated, but all the better represent his artistic vision. He often refers to himself as an earth artist.

He exhibited his works in European art salons. As a valued abstractionist, he cooperates with international galleries and showrooms offering modern design. He carefully selects paintings for the interiors in which they are to be displayed. He wants his art to be treated decoratively as an element of the living environment. Just as the nature we live in is valued.