Bartos Saro – artist’s inspiration

What is an artist’s inspiration?

The theory is that Inspiration is a surge of creativity in an artistic endeavor. People fascinated by surreal art know that these artists looked for inspiration by turning to dreams and automatic writing. There are views that the artist draws from something outside of individual experience. Therefore, the artist’s inspiration is often placed in the unconscious mind.

bartos Saro atrist's inspirations

Where do you think artists are looking for inspiration?

The artist’s inspiration is beyond him, but it results from his accumulated experience. An artist must experience intensively. Therefore, he should learn to experience more, deeper. He should also understand how to learn from these experiences. Only then does he have the opportunity to raise his art to a higher level. In order to last, an artist’s inspiration must be constantly fueled.

Artists do not know the origin of their inspiration. Inspiration for an artist often means a surge of unexpected inspiration. You have to be able to use it. It is an idea that is here and now. If the artist doesn’t pick it up, it goes away. In the face of inspiration, the artist is helpless and unaware of its origin.

Many artists create works because of this one impulse that once commanded them to act in a certain direction and in a certain way. We are able to experience revelation in a split of a second, when one  thought appears in our head. The artist’ s inspiration  understood in this way is based on a single enlightenment that changes the artist and his entire work.

bartos Saro atrist's inspirations

Should you actively seek artistic inspiration or wait for it to visit us?

It is very difficult to define what artistic inspirations guided the creator and influenced his works. Each artist looks at the world differently, experiences it differently. Everyone looks for sources of inspiration in a different way, in their own individual way. It is a very private, very intimate process. It’s a process for me.

Where do you get your artistic inspiration from?

My approach to the subject of artists' inspiration is based on the thesis that inspiration is the result of reflections and studying of a problem that bothers the artist. When I find a topic that bothers me or fascinates me, I read and take notes. I noticed that in this way I sharpen my view of the world, and the world around me provides me with materials for further reflection. This leads to deeper thoughts. And then there is the process of translating it into sketches, which in turn generates subsequent layers of individual experiences, experiences and reflections. Variants of the topic appear, nuances. However, the subject itself is only an excuse to paint another picture. The inspiration is deeper, before …

bartos Saro atrist's inspirations

Can you lose your artistic inspiration?

We often hear that artists have lost their creative spirit. that they are going through hard work before they come up with another idea to create something unique. I don’t know if they are losing inspiration. I know that contemporary art is far from good craftsmanship, it is not artfulness, it is not a manual skill. Art is recording something special in your works in a unique way. An artist who does not experience ceases to be an artist.