Visits to the artist’s studio

Regardless of the approach to art, one can agree that a visit to the artist’s studio is an interesting tradition. The art studio offers an intimate look at the artist’s work and artistic practice. You can get to know and understand the artist, his workshop and the way of creating. You can also experience art where it originates, in the studio. It’s a completely different experience than watching art in a public gallery.

Visits to the artist's studio

Each studio has its own unique character. It is a derivative of the artist’s approach, a presentation of his temperament and character. To know an artist means to understand his art better. Nobody can explain their approach to their work better than its creator. A visit to the artist’s studio is a unique experience. This form of contact may also result in future exhibitions, meetings and reviews. Visits to the artist’s studio result in interviews with the artist, conversations with critics, and discussions with art professionals.

Bartos Saro abstract art

Visits to the artist’s studio are an important element in creating a career and image. As a result  the artist has the opportunity to establish new contacts with other people from the world of art. In the process of building professional relationships, an artist may organize visits to his studio for collectors, art dealers, art professionals or other artists.

Bartos Saro also organizes other kinds of meetings in his studio. Opening the studio for a special event is one of them. Weekend in an open studio is another. Discussions, talks, workshops are a great way to get to know the painter’s work and make contacts. It’s also a great way to see the artist’s latest work. A visit to the artist’s studio, even a virtual one, aims to familiarize collectors and art professionals with his work.

Visits to the artist's studio