Matter painting in SYNCOPE series.

Matter painting allows artists to freely choose materials and effects. When creating this trend, Bartos Saro is additionally inspired by the world of music. The artist creates synesthetic landscapes, full of delicate color and natural shapes. His paintings are three-dimensional, because the plasticity of his works is enhanced by a unique painting technique. The artist includes himself in the matter painting trend. He uses sand to make the texture of the paintings vivid, tangible and very sensual. To enhance the effect, the accents in the painting are made of shiny metallic pigments.

In matter art, Bartos Saro focuses on the structure of materials. That’s why I work with various media. The images are heavy and clearly three-dimensional. In his works, the painter shows weight and movement. In matter painting, artists often create tensions, dramatic, synchronized movements. According to Bartos, the shapes and forms in the painting represent various emotional experiences.

Thick layers of paint, raw and cracked textures in the work of matter painting constitute the formal basis. In Bartos' works, they are enhanced thanks to an expressive drawing and lightly applied colors. The artist is expressive, therefore the favorite material in the painter’s works is sand mixed with acrylic binder. Matter art is a style in which the artist freely selects the technique to obtain unique effects. Matter painting draws on many different inspirations. The painting of Bartos Saro uses a technique taken from the world of music. Saro’s art of matter focuses on the material and its individual application. The picture is created with the help of undefined shapes that reflect the moods and intentions of the artist. Thanks to this, the creativity of matter painting allows each viewer to have a private and very individual interpretation.

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