SYNCOPE paintings – abstract art

Syncope, in music, is a kind of metro-rhythmic disorder in the course of the song, used as a stylistic measure; a rhythmic phenomenon consisting in the extension of the rhythmic value. In Bartos Saro’s abstract art arrhythmia is used to create an image.

Bartos Saro uses a technique taken from the world of music to create synesthetic landscapes. The plasticity of his work is enhanced by his unique painting technique. The texture of the painting is vivid, tangible, almost touchable and very sensual, created by covering the painting surface with sand. The accents in the picture are made by use of metallic pigments. Abstract art allows artists to freely choose materials and effects.

His abstract art focuses on the structure of materials, he prefers to work in various media. By clearly presenting weight and movement, Bartos loves to create tension, dramatic, syncoped movement, for he believes that there is spirit in matter – shapes and forms can reflect basic emotional experiences.

Thick layers of raw, often cracked texture are strengthened and gain unique beauty thanks to the additional drawing and lightly applied colors. One of Bartos Saro’s preferred materials is sand mixed with acrylic binder.

Abstract art draws from many different inspirations. Bartos Saro’s abstract painting uses a technique taken from the world of music to create abstract landscapes. The texture of the paintings from the Syncope series is vivid and very sensual, it is created by covering the painting base with sand. The image even asks you to touch it. To feel it is very real, physically real.

Saro’s abstract art focuses on the material and its unique application. Abstract art is described by shapes and forms that reflect in a non-descriptive, abstract way the artist’s thoughts and intentions. It gives unlimited scope for interpretation, a private and very individual reception.

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